Never Before

23 Nov

Never before would I ever think that I would get a fake christmas tree.  But this year, since Andrew and I are going to be gone for most of December, we decided that, in order to make it worthwhile, we needed to put up our Christmas decorations early.  This means getting a fake tree.  I had to let go of a few things this year:  I loved the experience of picking out a tree, the drama of trying to fit it into our car (a 4-door), and setting it up with that fresh pine smell.  When I was setting this one up, my stomach started to turn because I’d been smelling plastic for so long.  But it actually doesn’t look half bad.  fake-tree






Even though its fake, I’m pretty happy with it.





Do you do it fake or real?

3 Responses to “Never Before”

  1. amfunches November 25, 2008 at 6:13 p11 #

    Fake!! No mess to clean up and I dont have to worry about taking it down right after Christmas for fear if it catching on fire, and I dont have to water it!! Plus, you pay $100-$200 for the tree once every 5-10 years. Its a money saver for us.

  2. krystin November 26, 2008 at 6:13 p11 #

    we go real every year but I’m trying to break D down so we can get a fake one. Seriously so much easier to deal with. I’ll spray pine scent all over it if need be.

  3. jenny ewalt December 2, 2008 at 6:13 p12 #

    I understand your pain, but Becca please do real next year! Soooo worth the money and the pain, just for the smell alone! plus what could be more fun than dragging the dry mess out the door leaving a trail of pine fire hazard behind after the holidays? hehe
    Love you guys!

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