Africa Fundraising Update #3

23 Nov

Here is where we are at with our fundraising:  With all the help of our amazing family and friends (and some people coming out of the wood-works), Andrew have raised about $4,500.  Amazing!  We still have $2,300 to go and we have 7 days left.  Please believe that God takes care of those who give in His name. 

Need proof?  I’d love to share this awesome story I heard about last week.  A couple friend of ours has been struggling financially but were challenged by someone to continue to put God first in their finances and give even though it was difficult.  They wanted to support us on our trip and decided that they could give $50.  But after considering the challenge, decided to give $150 in faith.  A few days later an aquaintance showed up on their door claiming that for some reason, they had been given an extra $100 and felt they needed to give it to our friends. 

I’ve heard too many of these stories to not believe that God provides for us when we give.

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2 Responses to “Africa Fundraising Update #3”

  1. amfunches November 25, 2008 at 6:13 p11 #

    That just gives me the chill bumps!! I know it is so true! God is amazing and does take care of us when we give in faith! I am so happy that you and Andrew are going to love on them!! I cant wait to hear about it and see pics when you return!

  2. David Torna November 25, 2008 at 6:13 p11 #

    Hey Becca that is awesome! I love those stories…Well I hope things continue to go good. Again thanks for letting us use your time share, we are leaving hopefully in an hour, and we are both very excited! Have a good Thanksgiving, and maybe we will bump into you guys in Clovis!

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