Quick update…

22 Mar

So today is Saturday.  I just got a chance to check my email (458 deletes later) I decided it was time to update my blog.

School has actually been better.  Hilary said it.  The only thing I have control over is me.  I have been really trying to improve my own attitude and respond well to my students rather than out of anger.  Who wants to be in a classroom with an angry teacher anyway?  Starting a new trimester and having a chance to tighten up on some of my classroom procedures has helped with management issues as well.  And as every teacher knows, a well managed classroom equals sanity.

Today Andrew and I have been mostly running errands.  Had breakfast with a couple from our small group (we lead a pre-married small group for engaged couples which we love), went to Walmart, Trader Joe’s, watched a LOST episode online (we are in season 3, don’t say anything) and now I am supposed to be taking a nap.

Later we are going to our friend’s house (James and Alyssa Culin) for a going away thing.  They are moving to the Atl, GA.  Whats up with Riverside folk turning Southern?  We will miss them a ton.

One Response to “Quick update…”

  1. alyssaculin March 27, 2008 at 6:13 p03 #

    hey girl, thanks for the shout out!! Living with the whittakers is the best, as you already know. But a small piece of me will always miss home. Thanks for fitting us in your busy day, it made me feel loved. See you soon,

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