26 Nov

So, last week I cringed when Andrew suggested that we sell something.  I think I found what I need to sell:  my DVD’s.  I don’t know why I like having so many, but I do.  The reality is, we have so many that we don’t have room for them in our entertainment center anymore.  They are starting to just stack up.  I think its time.

2 Responses to “GLAMOROUS cont.”

  1. Amanda November 27, 2007 at 6:13 p11 #

    So I have been really thinking about your post and Matt’s challenge to you guys… and People’s is challenging us to spend less this Christmas. Well since Dave and I don’t have $ to spend that’s not a challenge. But I realized last night that my grandma always gives us $ for Christmas. I had already thought about what I wanted to buy with it, but of course God is telling me that’s what I need to give up this Christmas! I don’t need to buy another thing.

  2. Jim November 28, 2007 at 6:13 p11 #

    Many local pastors in Mexico have never gone to Bible school. Some have never had a decent set of study volumes besides their own bible. YUGO has a plan for that. Contact them if The Lord leads you to direct some $$$ some other way than buying more things.
    Peace on Earth

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