Dead Sea Scrolls

18 Nov

Yesterday Andrew and I went with some friends down to beautiful San Diego.  In between weighing the pros and cons for Neal about leaving everything and moving there, we went to the Natural History Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Although by the end most of us were on information overload, it was really amazing to see these ancient documents that have helped to confirm the validity of the book I follow my life after.  The scrolls were found in 1947 in Israel and are said to be dated somewhere between 250 and 50 BCE.  (Thats what we’re calling it now.  “Before Common Era.”  I did find it interesting that several signs at the museum were willing to identify what BCE stood for, but not BC).

The transcribing of the scrolls revealed the validity of the tranlations of the Bible we have today.  I hear people all the time saying that the Bible has been changed by man over the years as it was translated.  Well… check out the scrolls my friends!!! 

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