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Sorry, No Pics

4 Sep

I really wanted to upload some pictures and video I made, but I can’t find my connection cable that goes from my camera to my computer.

So, I guess I just have to tell you about my Labor Day:  We had a Sandals Staff swim party today.  Technically, I’m not on staff, but my husband is so I still get to hang out with a lot of really great people.

It was supposed to be 109 degrees in Riverside.  That shouldn’t even be a number when the word degrees is attached to it.  We spent the whole day in the pool.  It was awesome.

Then I had to facilitate call-back auditions for those who wanted to sing on the worship team.  It took a while and I am exausted, but it was great to sit and talk with so many awesome people.  Sometimes my job as a vocal director is hard when I have to make touch decisions, but I love my responsibilities. 

How was your Labor Day?


Ah, Saturday

1 Sep

A typical Saturday:

Stay up late the night before watching movies with my man.   Sleep in ’til 9:00.  Make breakfast.  Clean my kitchen floor.  Andrew made me an awesome smoothie cause he loves me.

Now for the untypical:

We’re going to give blood.  Save some lives.  All in a day’s work.


This Week Was Good

1 Sep

My first week of school actually went really well.  I have a great class my last period of the day which is good ’cause it doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth about the entire day.  When you end a day bad, it makes you feel like the whole day was bad.

Teaching is a roller-coaster.  Some days you love it, other days you wonder what you did with your life.  You think: I went to school for how long and got my Masters for this?  Anyone out there feeling me?  This week was a “love it” week but my voice is SOOO tired from talking too much.

Link this to blog any teachers you know.

How was your first week of school?